Rim Sticker for your Motorcycle - Made in Germany

Our high-quality rim stickers are the perfect complement for your motorcycle. To offer something suitable for every taste, we have developed different styles, whether quite classic a simple rim edge strip which is even available with individual text or, for example, the road variant with two opposing rim edge stickers and the particularly motorsport GP design. As a further special we have rim bed stickers on offer, these make the rims look particularly wide and sporty - make your motorcycle perfect the way you like it.

If you have a completely individual wish or your own design, just talk to us, we will be happy to realize it with you!

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Rim stickers - Made in Germany

We from are convinced that you put high value on quality and individuality, therefore you will find guaranteed with us and can style your motorcycle according to your taste.
With our high-end machinery and a variety of different films, we are able to implement your design perfectly and deliver in the shortest time.